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Feedback EU

Feedback EU (full name Stichting Feedback EU) was created to contribute to efforts to achieve the preservation, protection and improvement of the environment for the benefit of the public interest in Europe. The Foundation is a non-profit making organisation. In order to accomplish the objectives, Feedback EU will cooperate with Feedback UK.

Feedback EU was set up in 2021 as an independent foundation in the Netherlands with the aim of becoming operational in the beginning of 2022. Guided by the work of Feedback UK, Feedback EU will look to broaden the impact in Europe, and strengthen the involvement with EU food policy development, civil society coalitions, and funders to create change within EU governments, EU institutions, supermarkets, livestock companies and investors, many of them based in Europe. Feedback EU will furthermore seek to cross-fertilise experiences and results between the UK (post-Brexit) and the EU.

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What's the problem?

Food production is the single greatest impact humans have on the environment. Food – its production, distribution, and disposal – is driving deforestation, draining our freshwater reserves, and exhausting our soils whilst accounting for a quarter of our global greenhouse gas bill. Meanwhile, inequality persists in the food value chain, insecurity persists in food access, and injustice persists in good nutrition. We need a radical transformation of our food systems, from farm to fork, from soil to soul.


What's the solution?

GOAL OF STICHTING FEEDBACK EU as stated in our article 2 of the articles of association

The preservation, protection and improvement of the environment for the benefit of the public interest, in particular in the areas of biodiversity, sustainable land use, the promotion of sustainable development and the prudent use of resources. We achieve this goal through awareness-raising work with the public, independent research in collaboration with others, and by carrying out projects to tackle environmental and poverty problems.

Our strategy is to finance and support research, campaigns and transformative practices to replace destructive, unhealthy diets promoted by globalised food systems with resilient, equitable and regional food economies providing delicious, nutritious, widely accessible foods that reduce climate change, make space for nature and lessen the risk of future pandemics. We implement this strategy working with allies and movements of food citizens to transform the food system in Europe and beyond.

We have three strategic objectives for our EU work in the coming 4 years (by 2025):

  1. Less land and fewer ocean environments are used globally for protein production and for the delivery of essential micronutrients for the EU. Consumption of meat, dairy and carnivorous farmed fish has been reduced in the EU.
  2. Circular, nutrition-sensitive food production is replacing linear food production in the EU, resulting in a reduction of global food waste in the food system among other benefits.
  3. Examples of inclusive, sustainable regional economies, based upon the initiatives of local community groups and entrepreneurs have proven viability and are being supported and/or adopted by several (local) authorities, institutions and companies

Feedback EU aims to collaborate closely with Feedback in the UK, though they are fully independent organisations with distinct governance and decision-making structures.

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You can view our EU Policy Plan here


Statutory name: Stichting Feedback EU

Public name: Feedback EU

Founded on August 11, 2021

RSIN/Fiscal number: 862941696

KvK number: : 83634096

Contact: Frank Mechielsen

Professor Meijerslaan 51, 2285 HD, Rijswijk

Feedback EU is applying to become a registered charity in the Netherlands.


Feedback EU has a board to oversee the management’s policy and general affairs of the foundation.

Board members: Darren Hughes (Chair), Carina Millstone (Secretary), James Barker (Treasurer) and Gine Zwart (based in NL)

The day-to-day operations are managed by the Head EU: Frank Mechielsen

Financial arrangements

Feedback EU is a non-profit making organisation, and its income will be used solely to achieve its charitable objectives. The members of the board receive no financial reward, but may claim reasonable expenses incurred while carrying out their duties as part of the board.

A financial statement will be provided publicly at the end of the first year of Feedback EU operation. The financial year runs from 1 November until 31 October.

For further details see Feedback EU Policy Plan.


Feedback UK will be the initial donor to Feedback EU when it becomes operational and has covered the costs of establishment. An initial investment was secured from Feedback UK, its partner organisation in the UK, for the inception phase in 2021, as their overarching charitable objectives and mission are aligned. For 2022 and 2023 it is expected Feedback UK will continue to be the main donor for Feedback EU.

Feedback UK has a long history of working in partnership with European organisations, including through long-term Horizon 2020 partnerships, events, and campaigns like the Flavour Project, and we are excited to have the opportunity to deepen and build on these alliances in collaboration with our European friends and allies.

Feedback EU will build upon the networks and experience of Feedback UK to develop programmes and a  fundraising strategy to secure funding from foundations and philanthropic organisations, national and international government agencies. Feedback EU will also consider public fundraising initiatives, such as donations, crowdfunding,  legacies and fundraising campaigns




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