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Feedback UK  has just launched our brand-new sister organisation Stichting Feedback EU.

Feedback EU will scale up our retailer and policy-focused campaigns to broaden our impact in Europe, strengthen our involvement with EU food policy development, civil society coalitions, and funders to create change within EU governments, EU institutions, supermarkets, livestock companies and investors, many of them based in Europe. We are also seeking to cross-fertilise experiences and results between the UK (post-Brexit) and the EU. Feedback has a long history of working in partnership with European organisations, including through long-term Horizon 2020 partnerships, events, and campaigns, and we are excited to have the opportunity to deepen and build on these alliances in collaboration with our European friends and allies.

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Information Number (RSIN):  862941696

What's the problem?

Food production is the single greatest impact humans have on the environment. Food – its production, distribution, and disposal – is driving deforestation, draining our freshwater reserves, and exhausting our soils whilst accounting for a quarter of our global greenhouse gas bill. Meanwhile, inequality persists in the food value chain, insecurity persists in food access, and injustice persists in good nutrition. We need a radical transformation of our food systems, from farm to fork, from soil to soul.


What's the solution?

We have two strategic objectives for our EU work in the coming 4 years:

1. By the end of 2025, less land and fewer ocean environments are used globally for protein production and for the delivery of essential micronutrients for the EU.

2. By the end of 2025, industrial meat and dairy production and global animal feed corporations have lost their social license to operate in the EU, shrinking their access to finance and affecting their commercial viability, putting the industry on track to end by 2030.

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You can view our EU strategy here. Stichting Feedback EU was established on August 11 2021, to view Feedback UK’s financial accounts view the latest annual report.

Trustees or Board members of Stichting Feedback EU will be Carina Millstone (Chair), Claudia Rawlinson (Secretary and Treasurer) and Darren Hughes (member).

Goal of Stichting Feedback EU

The preservation, protection and improvement of the environment for the benefit of the public interest, in particular in the areas of biodiversity, sustainable land use, the promotion of sustainable development and the prudent use of resources. We achieve this goal through awareness-raising work with the public, independent research in collaboration with others, and by carrying out projects to tackle environmental and poverty problems.



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