Discover a variety of ways to promote and share your Food Citizens project. How to master social media and tips for effective video content; from your community allotment open days, blogs about your work or capture successful partnership outcomes.

Press Release Template

Whether you are planning an event or reporting on a campaign you have run in a local school, the best way to get your information across is to write a press release. This can be used in a parish council magazine, a local radio station news bulletin or your own newsletter.

Press Release Template

Poster Template

Whether you have a designer on your team or use a web based template its great to have something on hand that anyone can access and use at short notice.

UK & International Food Day Calendar

This calendar provides quick access to international days that celebrate elements connected to being a Food Citizen. Whether its a food waste focus or a day that celebrates food based practices we’ve identified a few that you can use in your marketing or communications plans.

Food Citizens Calendar of National Days

Food Citizenship & Food Waste Presentation Template

Tackling food waste is key for addressing climate change. AsĀ  Food Citizens we need to develop a better relationship with the food we eat and purchase.

This presentation can be edited to suit your delivery needs.

Food Waste Presentation

Food & Climate Presentation Template

Being a Food Citizen involves working to prevent the climate crisis, this presentation highlights the links between the climate and food waste as well as what people can do in their own homes.

It can be edited to meet your delivery needs or target audience.


Food & Climate Presentation

Youth Friendly Food Waste Presentation

This presentation can be adapted for your own needs,it has been designed for young people.

Youth friendly Food Waste Presentation

Seasonal Food Reminders (social media)

These images are great to use every month and combine with recipes, promote local suppliers or other connections on social media channels.

Of course you can use these as inspiration and design your own too.

What is a Food Citizen Video?

Not everyone will understand the terms Food Citizen or Food Citizenship. This short video was made by young people to explain what it means. It can be used in presentations or lessons.

How to Film in the Outdoors Video Tutorial

We created a tutorial that allows you to work on the basics of filming with your phone out and about to capture the work you do. Whether it is an interview with your local MP, or how to make successful compost your videos can be filmed and edited to be used on a website, social media or as part of presentations.

Communications Tutorials - Working with the Press

Feedback delivered a series of workshops for our Growing Food Citizens seed funded organisations to help support their self promotion, build capacity and give them advice on different areas of external communications. This workshop looks at the press and how to link with local journalists, radio stations and other channels.

Communications Tutorials- Maximising Social Media

As part of Growing Food Citizens, we were joined by Christina from Feedback to deliver a workshop for Food Citizenship Projects and how best to navigate Social Media channels to maximise our projects and attract new interest in what we do.

Communications Tutorials - Creating Content

For Food Citizen Projects it is important to communicate all the great work you are doing. As part of Growing Food Citizens we delivered a series of workshops with Christina from Feedback about the best ways to go about Project Communications. This workshop covers creating content for your communications strategies.