Setting up a Food Citizens project can mean making sure you have everything from basic health & safety processes, to policies to help you become a legal entity.

This section gives you some useful starter documents to assist you through the process and good practice; as well as a handy induction pack for managing your volunteers.

Organisational Policies (Examples)

Policies are required by various stakeholders from funding bodies to organisational boards. These templates give you an idea of what they can include with the freedom of tailoring them to your own situations, experience and delivery.

You can also find additional templates in the Volunteer Induction Pack section below

Code of Conduct (Example)

A code of conduct can be used and tailored to many different areas of your work. From running larger group activities to volunteers or other situations where clarity of role, expectations or participation needs to be made clear for smooth operations.

This template is for volunteers for an event or project but could be adapted for a group work setting or training session.

Participant Code of Conduct

Volunteer Induction Pack


In this pack you will find handy processes, checklists, template documents and advice so that you and your volunteers have clear and agreed expectations, roles and management in place. Many of us can not operate without the important contribution of volunteers and this pack is to ensure this is done effortlessly and effectively.

Thank you for the work of grow Together Bucks CIC in compiling this pack.

Risk Assessments

For many of our projects this will include practical work not only for ourselves but also volunteers and members of the public. Risk Assessments don’t need to be scary, they however highlight our thought processes around different elements of our work and how we identify and minimise risk as part of the Event Specific Plan.

This can include elements such as first aid or emergency exits, to checking equipment is in a safe working state through to protecting more vulnerable participants at sessions or events.

This template gives you a starting point for looking at your own environments and practices.

Risk Assessment - Event Specific Plan
Pre Session Checklist (Freepik)

Pre Session Checklist (Example)

Preparation is key! Sometimes its helpful to have a checklist to follow at the start of sessions or events to make sure everything is ready, in place and safe. Whether you have new staff or those who are experienced the checklist ensures nothing is excluded or miss out.

Maybe you would also benefit from a post session checklist too?

Session Checklist

Session Registration Form (Example)

We all have different needs when it comes to reporting. However, most organisations appreciate you tracking or logging attendees or participants so that we can monitor our delivery.

This simple template allows us to capture information.

Registration Form

Sign In Sheet (Example)

Signing in (and out if required) allows you to monitor attendance as well as capacity and participation.

Sign in Sheet (Example)

Emergency Procedures

Emergency procedures will be required in your risk assessments, and do change dependent upon venues or activity types. This is a flexible way to make sure all staff and participants are aware of what to do in the the case of an emergency – from fire to an evacuation.

This can be displayed on a shed door to a kitchen wall or other places so it can be easily shared or communicated.

Emergency Procedure (example)

First Aid Log (Example)

Tracking when people require first aid helps monitor if there is something that needs to be addressed and also provides a way to monitor resources of a first aid box with expiry dates of products.

It also can have other uses, such as recording when incidents take place and what happened, should this information in the future.

First Aid Log

Equipment Log (Example)

Tracking equipment may be something you think you do at every session, however sometimes things get misplaced. This log helps you to conduct audits and inventories so that you can monitor resources levels or equipment throughout the year.

Equipment Log

Event Notice (filming)

You may cover media consent in your registration forms. However, if you are likely to also involve members of the public this notice can be displayed.

You can also find other versions of filming notices online to meet your requirements.

Filming Notice